• Do you provide stock photos?

Yes stock photos are available for an up charge.

  • What are your business hours?

We do not have set hours. We do majority of our work on the weekdays. Saturday and Sunday we use to catch up on orders. These are still working days for us, usually slow days. Please give us at least 24 hours to reply to emails and dms, we are constantly working and are eager to work with you.

  • Do I own my logo?

Yes once you have paid your logo service in full and receive your files. You own your logo.

  • How do you communicate?

We communicate through email, social media, and or telephone. Whichever works best for you, we can accommodate.

  • Do you charge for revisions? How many revisions am I allowed?

Every services comes with 3 revisions. After 3 revisions there is an up charge, each service is different.

  • Can I send your pictures of the ideas I have?

Yes please send pictures of the ideas you have in the beginning.

  • Will I get charged the same price if I already have a website, and just want it changed?

No you will not be charged the same price of a new website design for a revamped website. We have the option to get your website revamped – and different packages depending on your needs.

  • What if I am not satisfied with my design?

We will work closely with you on your wants and needs so that you are satisfied, but if we can not get it right we can cancel your service. The payment that has already been received will not be refunded due to the time given. You are able to receive the ownership of the project if paid in full. If project is not paid in full, please do not expect to have a fully functioning website, official logo files, etc.

  • What website host do you use to design websites?

We work with Shopify, Wix, Godaddy, and WordPress

  • What is your turn around time?

Every project is different. Please refer back to the service/ product you desire to get specific turn around. Keep in mind of added on time because of revisions may be needed, and the time you give all documents and information needed to complete the project.


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Copyright by NiasiaElexis. All rights reserved.